Become a Foster Home

Have you ever thought to yourself...."I wonder if I could be a foster parent?

" We would love to help you gain the information you need to see if

becoming a Foster Family is for you!

We encourage you to check out these websites for becoming a foster parent.

Montana State Foster Care:

The children who are placed in foster care by CFSD range in age from infants to teenagers. They come from many different backgrounds and reflect the cultural diversity of the state.  On June 30, 2010, 1,638 Montana children were in foster care because they had been abused, neglected, or abandoned by their parents or other caretakers.

Many of the children in foster care are insecure, frightened, confused, and angry about what has happened to them. Emotional, behavioral, mental, or physical problems related to the abuse or neglect are common.

Youth Dynamics Foster Care:

All children in foster care have experienced some level of trauma. We get referrals for children needing placement between the ages of 0-18. Children in our foster care have a wide range of temperament and behaviors which stem from trauma. Some of our children are well adjusted while others struggle more. Foster parents have total say on the child placed in their home and get all of the information on the child up front. If foster parents have a gender, age range, or behavior preference, we can work to get them a placement within those specifications.

You can also contact us and get connected to a foster parent and ask questions

Contact Nikki at  406-231-3336 or Kat at 406-750-5095.